Nazca(VA:Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)

The sixteen-year-old protagonist lives with his sister on Sierra Island, located within Satellite Base Theia.

One night, in a mystical garden, the protagonist meets a beautiful woman, who convinces him to begin the journey he had been planning for most of life; the journey to Marble Blue.

His lifelong dream is to uncover Marble Blue's greatest secret:
the location of Paradise, the legendary garden of delight.


Leary(VA:Kanae Ito)

A fellow student of the protagonist who is also seeking to become a licensed explorer.

Originally from the suburbs of New Paleo, she seeks to travel to Marble Blue to find the culprit behind her father's abduction.


Daisuke(VA:Atsushi Abe)

Another fellow student of the protagonist, looking to pass the explorer license trials.

He lives in New Paleo with his ill mother. He is energetic and free-willed, but also surprisingly studious.

He is looking for "the gift that cures all illnesses" to help his ailing mother.


Al(VA:Keiji Fuijiwara)

An explorer license trial examiner who is himself a Rank III explorer.

He is usually rather aloof, but he does what is necessary when it counts.

He lost his wife and daughter during a certain incident, and he himself was gravely injured. He currently sports artificial legs.

Before the incident, he was considered one of the top explorers of the time.


Elroux(VA:Yui Ogura)

A young woman with eyes the exact tint of the planet Marble Blue.

She is the daughter of Mariv, and was raised within a garden for most of her life. Consequently, she has nearly no knowledge of the outside world.

Her mother spoke to her, from a very young age, of the protagonist's existence and the role he is destined to play. She was therefore understandably very anxious to meet him.


Patty(VA:Shiori Mikami)

The protagonist's sister. Wise beyond her years, she cares for her brother greatly.

She deftly handles most of the housework, filling in admirably for their late mother.

She has a tendency to get lonely, and for this reason, she follows her brother to New Paleo via monorail.


Dorothy(VA:Miyuki Sawashiro)

An elderly neighbor of the protagonist's on Sierra Island.

She looked after the protagonist and his sister after the passing of their parents.

According to her, she is still a very active, and not retired at all, explorer.


Haruko(VA:Mami Koyama)

Daisuke's mother.

She lives with a serious illness, and more than anything, she is concerned about the burden that this places on her son.

Her husband is, or was, a carpenter, as she has told Daisuke that he died in a work accident.

She is an avid gamer, with a preference for fighting games.


Johannes(VA:Akio Ohtsuka)

A Rank V explorer and Thousand Voyager who oversees Satellite Base Theia.

He is widely thought to be the greatest explorer in history.

He is an enigmatic figure who is rarely seen, even by his fellow Thousand Voyagers.

Thus, it is said that when Johannes does appear, a great change in the world is about to occur.


Mariv(VA:Kikuko Inoue)

A mysterious woman who is frequently seen at the flower garden. She is the one who opens the path to Paradise for the protagonist.

She has the ability to enhance the genes being used by the protagonists.

It is said that she and the underground giant at New Paleo are one and the same, but...



A young girl who lives in the Lollipop Labyrinth with her pigtapirs.

Normal people are unable see her, meaning that there is some secret behind her existence, but not even she herself knows what that secret might be.

Honey Holly

Honey Holly(VA:Kana Asumi)

The receptionist at the Modern Coliseum. She is motivated and energetic, handling not only the reception for Coliseum, but also the play-by-play commentary for the matches.

She is a veteran speed dater, but her overzealous nature often scares potential candidates away.

Sweet Sally

Sweet Sally(VA:Kana Asumi)

The receptionist at Spaceport Gate 7.

She and Honey Holly are identical twins, so they look and talk very much alike, but perhaps, because she is the older sister, Sally is a little more calm and mature.

She also happens to be a Rank III explorer.


Shyamalan(VA:Ryusei Nakao)

The leader of the blacklisted explorer organization "Sheva."

He himself is a Rank II explorer, possessing a cruel single-mindedness to achieve his goals by any means necessary.

For reasons not yet known, he abducts Leary's father.


Grazie(VA:Nobutoshi Canna)

An explorer whose self-proclaimed moniker is "Grazie the Edge."

He encounters the protagonists on Marble Blue just as they were beginning their lives as explorers, Since that time, he views the protagonist as a rival, and always attempts to engage in one-upsmanship whenever they meet.

He is smitten with Elroux.


Prika(VA:Rie Kugimiya)

An explorer whose self-proclaimed moniker is "Prika the Hothead." She is Grazie's sister, and the two of them form an explorer team.

She shares a close relationship with her brother, and she can be very possessive of him, which is evident in her antagonism toward the object of Grazie's desire—Elroux. Despite this, however, she herself has developed a crush on Daisuke.

Drei 6

Drei 6(VA:Rikiya Koyama)

A wanted Class A criminal who is feared throughout the worlds as the most prolific serial killer in history.

For reasons known only to himself, he is attempting to create a gift that calls back the souls of the dead.

His body is covered in genes, and he has the ability to change form at will.


Erik(VA:Kenji Nomura)

A Rank V explorer who is feared and awed in explorer circles as the "Red Lion."

He has a boisterous personality, and is not one to think deeply about matters. However, he despises cowardice, and shows no mercy toward those who show their backs to the enemy. Eating, sleeping, and fighting are the three joys in his life.

He is the son of the Thousand Voyager Dorothy, and the second of three siblings.


Geiser(VA:Ryuzaburo Otomo)

A man who travels across Marble Blue hunting and vanquishing the mysterious monsters called "Incarnatus."

Upon meeting the protagonists at the World Tree, he immediately senses the strong pull of destiny, and engages them in battle in order to test their mettle.


Dorothy (Thousand Voyager)(VA:Miyuki Sawashiro)

The Thousand Voyager known to many as "Red-Shoed Dorothy." She takes in interest in the protagonist after he makes contact with Mariv.

She is the mother of the "Red Lion" Eric, and also has two other children, Crow and Brigit. She is separated from her husband.


Delacroix(VA:Johji Nakata)

One of the Thousand Voyagers who is in the hardliner camp, meaning he feels that certain sacrifices are needed in order to eliminate threats to the world.

He comes from a long line of Thousand Voyagers, and the mask he wears was passed down to him by his predecessor, as it had been for generations.


Lucienne(VA:Hiroe Oka)

A thousand Voyager who takes an interest in the protagonist after learning of his connection to Mariv.

Like Delacroix, her family has held a hereditary right to Thousand Voyager membership for many generations. She carries with her the tragic history of losing a child.


Auz(VA:Hikaru Midorikawa)

A Thousand Voyager with exceptional fighting ability.

Like Johannes, he is extremely enigmatic, and some say that his skills are comparable to those of the legendary Thousand Voyager. He currently appears to be working under Volhelm, but no one can guess as to his true intentions.

He, Al, and Volhelm had teamed together in the past, which may or may not explain his current situation.


Volhelm(VA:Unsho Ishizuka)

A Thousand Voyager who is also the CEO of the weapon manufacturer Volhelm Industries. He is irate and baffled by the inaction of his fellow Thousand Voyagers in the face of the looming threat against the world.

He possesses an impressive arsenal, including a dreadnought-class battleship and the autonomous battle weapon "Zodiac." He is determined to eradicate what he perceives to be the greatest threat to the world, lurking underneath New Paleo.