Special messages have been sent in from the voice actors who breathed life into the characters of CHAOS RINGS III, and Emi Nitta, who sings the title's theme song SEKAINO ZENBUGA TEKIDATOSHITEMO.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka


Hi everyone, I'm Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, and I am the voice of Nazca (the protagonist) in this game. Characters like Nazca are really the type I love to portray, so I'm glad to say that I was able to put my all into the performance!

The protagonist is the focal point of the entire story, so I felt that a dynamic performance would help raise the excitement level. I put all my cards on the table, so to speak! Even in the promos and cinematic cutscenes, I think you can sense a little Matsuoka-esque flavor.

I don't want to give anything away, but I'm pretty sure that everyone will be like, "No way! really!?"when they find out the secret behind the story, so be prepared!

As a gamer myself, I'm personally looking forward to playing CHAOS RINGS III!

I hope that all of you will play it through to the amazing end, too!

Kanae Ito


It was a little while ago that I portrayed Leary, but I remember during the recording, I was trying to be mindful of the burden she carried, the inner strength she possessed, and yet also how sensitive she can be. I tried hard to reflect this in my performance.

The story of this game is quite serious, with many twists and turns that make your heart race. As I encountered CHAOS RINGS once again, I found myself immediately pulled in by the dynamic visuals and music, and of course, the amazing story.

For people playing for the first time and those picking it up again alike, I hope you will all find yourselves equally enthralled by the exciting world of CHAOS RINGS!

Atsushi Abe


Daisuke, as a character, is a cool customer, both in terms of how he looks and the way he acts. But underneath his chilly exterior, there's burning passion.

So I tried to play him down the middle—not too cold, not too hot. I'd love to see how that portrayal worked out in the interactions with the other characters, not to mention just seeing Daisuke actually walking around and talking to people, so I can't wait to pick up CHAOS RINGS III and start playing, haha!

Keiji Fuijiwara


Al, the character I portray, is maybe not the most earnest or hardest working guy in the world, but when it comes down to the wire, you know you can count on him to do the job (though he'll complain about it). So in the end, he's a cool guy. I personally love the fact that underneath it all, he really cares about his friends.

Anyway, I hope you all continue to enjoy CHAOS RINGS!

Yui Ogura


I portrayed the character Elroux, who seems like a typical energetic young girl, but also seems to have her share of secrets. Her secrets, as well as others, will come to light near the end of the game, and I'm pretty sure that what happens will exceed anything you could have imagined. So, I hope you'll all play it to the very end! Please enjoy!

Emi Nitta

Theme Song Singer

Congratulations on the release of CHAOS RINGS III!

My name is Emi Nitta, and I had the honor of singing the game's theme song SEKAINO ZENBUGA TEKIDATOSHITEMO. When I was first introduced to this song, I was immediately struck by the majestic world that it painted, and of course, its beautiful aria. It inspired me to sing with all of my heart, and it is my hope that it will reach the ears of many people around the world.

I am truly overjoyed to have taken part in a series that is so beloved. To players all around the world, I hope that you will enjoy playing the game, and also enjoy the music!